Setting Sun

Colors slung beneath the sky
Hazy hues in wrinkled eyes
He spreads the crimson wash around
From sea to sea and cloud to ground
White clouds slowly turning pink
But no one asks me what I think
Of the purple or the lavendar
They mark the days on calendars
And shake their heads
While I lay in bed
Gold with the cold is creeping in
Behind the mountains it begins
Before too long it’s everywhere
And I don’t have a single care
But witnessing
Seeing what the night may bring
As diamonds scatter ‘cross the cloth
Lights come on and call to moths
White slices in the fabric heal
Almost as fast as they appear
And for a moment, lost in time
The whole horizon becomes mine
I`m filled with light and shooting stars
I`m taken up into His arms

Am I the only one
To see the setting sun?
Am I the only one?
My spirit come undone
Am I the only one?
Am I the sun?
Disappear forever
Never rise again
To warm this earth
That’s okay
For what it’s worth
Laying here I don’t feel alone
Though cold is creeping in my bones
I slowly drift away from you
My time is up
My time is through
I’ve been in this world for too long
Now night unfurls, the sun is gone
My eyelids settle like the dusk
Gather round
My song is done

Am I the only one
To see the setting sun?
Am I the only one?
My spirit comes undone
Am I the sun?
Never rise again

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  1. Thanks for the words for my piece on the same topic – this is such a nice take on the same inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


    • My pleasure! Visit anytime! I’ll be sure to drop by and check out your writings when I’m able… I like what I’ve read so far.

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