God Help Me

And I drop like a stone into water
And I watch father sacrifice daughter
And I aim for a star I’m not reaching
And I talk but I worry I’m preaching

Nobody knows, no no
Nobody knows, oh no
No, nobody knows, no
Oh no, nobody knows

And I cling to the wax feathers melting
And I focus on things that aren’t helping
And I maintain my distance by choice
And I sing but I borrow my voice

No no, nobody knows
Oh no, nobody knows
No, nobody knows, no
Nobody knows, oh no

And I desecrate bloody white altars
And I feed myself flesh when I falter
And I keep a list of all my kills
And I torture myself til I’m still

And I strangle the sound in its cradle
And I lose my mind whenever I’m able
And I don’t believe in heaven above
And I wonder, does it cripple my love?

But nobody knows, no no
Oh no, nobody knows, no no no
No, nobody knows, oh
No, nobody, nobody knows

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