The Tragic Bakery

When the muffins were done
Secret societies
Of dark raisins
Plotted the assasination
Of the stray sunflower seed
From the other batch

A cranberry
Somewhat burnt
And mistaken for a raisin
Infiltrated the clandestine meetings
And brought the seed
News of this dire threat

Said the sunflower seed:
Your timely intervention
Has preserved my life
Run away with me!
For your brothers, the raisins
Are greatly enraged

I cannot, said the cranberry
I am burnt and crippled
I would only slow you down

Burnt?  But then…

Yes!  I am a cranberry!

Stay back!  I am allergic!
Cried the seed

But it was too late
The sunflower seed
Slowly choked and died
And the cranberry realized
(Too late!)
What the raisins had known
All along

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  1. I rather enjoyed this one.

  2. Hey! I like this. It reads like a super-funky ad lib, and in a good way.

    • Definitely check out Saturday Scribes, if you find yourself wanting to write but not knowing what to say. That’s where the inspiration for this one came from… four words, a theme, and a chokehold on the inner critic! lol

  3. Sounds like an uprising. :-)


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