Soldier On

When the wizard eats the lizard and goes out of his mind
When the shaman splits the stamen and turns back time
In these moments something foments and begins to climb
Up out of the earth, like a beautiful vine
When the hermit with no permit crosses over the line
When the warrior is sorry for never learning to write
A change in the air happens there and sheds a light
For the vine to climb toward and reach up high
And we
Have a choice every morning when we open our eyes
To re-
-main chained to the ground or to touch the skies
No matter the weight upon your shoulders I hope you realize
That you can throw off the shackles, spread your wings, and fly
That’s right
It’s like:
Is the antidote to gravity
And joy
Has the strength to lift and carry me
Wherever I go
Whoever I meet
I know I’ll find the balance to stand on my own two feet
It’s true
And if I can do this thing then so can you
There is nothing one can do that isn’t better with two
So open up your heart, put your soul on the line
Take a leap of faith and feel your world realign

Fall in love every chance that you get
Don’t wait until you find yourself full of regret
I don’t know how else to make my point, if I haven’t yet
It’s like:
Is an episodic tragedy
And we
Get so sad we miss the comedy
Seems to me to be the key
If there’s a lock on your heart I want to pick the lock and play the thief
If there is one thing I have learned from life
It’s that
There is no benefit in creating strife
So just
Sit back and enjoy the ride
(I know it’s a bumpy road but I promise you don’t have to go it alone)
At your lowest point the hills seem steepest
Next to the highest mountains the valleys are deepest
But if you soldier on
The sun’s rays will greet you
And with every dawn
You’ll know they still haven’t beat you
So focus!
On the things that bring you hope and strength
No hocus pocus!
Just promise me you’ll go the length
To the very ends of the earth if you have to
And when you get there I’ll be right beside you
By the joyous and free
Laughing and dancing with tears on our cheeks
Because so few
Ever make it this far…
Celebrate life!
(Wherever you are)
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  1. Excellent … I love the fact that you understand that, no matter what life tosses our way, how we respond is our choice. Life can and will be tough … but that makes the fun times that much better! Sometimes I feel as if I just came out of a really loud concert, ears ringing and things seem distorted. Once I arrive home, I can enjoy the silence while lounging in a pair of sweats and an old comfy t-shirt!
    It balances out the hectic day.

    • Balance and harmony, I think, are very important ingredients to a joyful and full life. But I can tell you one thing: my understanding of this fact was earned the hard way over the last ten years or so! hahaha, I guess some of us have thicker skulls than others, and the lessons take longer to stick!

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