When Knickers Attack

A jinx upon the sinks of washer-women, everywhere!
I am entranced by wonder when the thunder rolls, but
Their laundry lines of underwear are likewise captured;
Drawn by the masculine grip of the storm to perform
The wind-tossed dance of freedom.
How am I to enjoy
Nature playing with her toys
When in the tempest there departs
The underthings of the little tart
(Who hangs her laundry on the line
In the backyard next to mine)
And they come flying over the shed
To settle themselves upon my head?
I ask you, how am I to revel
With the fork-tailed lightning devil
When he displays his majesty
If her lacy things are molesting me?
It should qualify as a crime
The way she steals my precious time!
So a jinx upon that little minx
And all the washing in her sinks!

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the comments. I’ve only read this one of yours so far, but it’s time to sleep, so I will check your stuff out tomorrow. It’s cool to see a dude who knows what I’m talking about, and actually likes the style of writing. Take care bro.

    • I enjoy word-play, and there’s always something to learn. “Read everything, write everything,” a poet once said. A lot of this blog is devoted to writing without actually thinking about it, and I’ve been finding random inspiration scattered here and there… so it doesn’t exactly hang together, thematically. I don’t expect anyone to read it all, but you’re more than welcome to peruse! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I like your playful poems.

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