When Memories Stray

She loses her mind so gracefully
She riots inside so tastefully
Lost in the hallway
And losing her keys
Familiar faces
Bring her down to her knees

Oh, Mother,
When did this happen?
Oh, Mother,
What year are you in?
Oh, Mother,
In mental decay
Oh, Mother,
When memories stray

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  1. I can really relate to this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you all for reading and sharing your thoughts! :) It pleases me immensely to know I have touched others with my words… it is the whole reason I try to write! Thank you!

  2. A deep and poignant poem. Marvellous.

  3. Great title and last line, love the way you made this whine!

  4. This is so poignant..

    graceful was no longer in fashion

  5. Excellent use of Three Word Wednesday to describe Alzheimer’s. Evocative and beautifully written. Kudos!

  6. The lose of mind and memories is such a harsh reality for a crippling disease. Yet what remains is ever as true and present in the moment.

    wonderfully penned.

  7. and i cant blink O_O

    My Decay of Graceful Riot

  8. Wow…. I’m so touched by this poem. It’s beautiful… Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Happy 3WW

  9. I enjoy repetition, so much so that I use it for effect and your use here was quite good. Drove the sadness home.

    Well done and nice write.

  10. Ah, how quickly it happens…

  11. A very distressing condition – well written.

  12. A heart wrenching read…I feel such compassion for anyone who has to experience or witness this mental deterioration of someone they love. You portrayed it in a very powerful way.

  13. So sad…but you capture the heart so well in this writing. That last line grips me.

  14. Wow. Hoping I don’t have to go through this with a loved one.

  15. Deep and touching one

  16. Oh! that is really sad… but you say it so well in words and it was a touching poem! hope things get better; and health and happiness for all!

    thanks for sharing

  17. devastating, memories lost and in a way herself is lost

  18. Write a couple more verses and have someone put this to music. Seriously.

    • Hey, you never know… I play drums, and jam with a couple of my friends whenever I get the chance. My friend Amber sings beautifully… I wonder if she’d give it a shot? She writes her own poetry, too, and the lyrics/vocals have always been her business. lol

  19. A beautifully written poem, about something so sad.

  20. if there was a cure

  21. This is such a powerful poem. It illustrates the pain of Alzheimer’s so well, both the pain of the person experiencing it and the pain of their family members. Very well written.


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