Have A Sandwich!

Apparently, an American sentence is 17 syllables.  And an American sandwich is 3 American sentences, bread, meat, bread.  I’ve read some talk about using a minimum of words, which implies a maximum of wordiness, if that makes any sense.  Big words.  Five dollar words.  Polysyllabic words.  I tried it both ways.  The idea is flash fiction; a brief, thought-provoking tale of… whatever.

Hungry?  I just whipped up a couple sandwiches for your dining pleasure.  I even garnished the second one with a title and some rhyme I found in the fridge.  Enjoy!

Anti-governmental conspiracies vigorously multiply.
Contentious extremists formulate rebellious insurgencies.
Systematic annihilation hovers, wearing a death’s-head grin.


At Night We Go Wandering
A sleeper walks away from himself in a lucid dream to explore.
His spirit washes up some time later on a distant astral shore.
The breath leaves his body a final time and the sleeper wakes no more.

Hmm… I think I counted those right.  Ah, well, even a sloppy sandwich can taste good, eh?  Here’s a napkin.  :)


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  1. Thanks for playing The American Sandwich game.. I love your introduction, and the sandwiches are so tasty!

  2. Nothing sloppy about these tasty treats – both are excellent!

  3. absolutely brilliant – not a discipline I’ve tried before – maybe ‘cos I’m a Brit :)

    • I’m Canadian, but you gotta give credit where credit is due – these American Sandwiches are fun to make and a pleasure to digest.

  4. A very enjoyable read. Perhaps I should try one of my own.

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