Visions Of Her

She is a tower
A mountain
An island in a stream
She is a flower
A fountain
A woman in a dream

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Easy come
Easy go
I got a pocket full
Of shiny copper pennies for throwing ’round
I pushed
She fell
Oh, down the wishing well
And there’s a bad storm fast approaching now
Straight down
Through the dark
Wish upon that spark
Wish upon that bright star falling down
Claws out
Teeth bared
I’ve never seen you scared
But I can hear the danger calling you out
Luring you away
To dance upon swords
To be stupid and brave
To fight the whole world
And I will remain
Tied up in knots by your silver chains
Awaiting the next moment of pure light
To shine on me as you go racing by
A falling star in the darkest night
A glowing spark in the blackest sky
My only wish for you to spread your wings and fly
So goodbye
You were never meant to land in my back yard
You were always meant to fly until you fell too hard
And I’ll cry
When you die
And wish upon the spark that was your life
Cuz you shone so bright

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Hungry for affection
Blindly pick direction
Tenuous connection
Spirit in a spiderweb

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I Could Not Be Still

I have stared into the void
Seen all hope destroyed
Grown weary and annoyed
And still I carried the weight
Built sky-scraping altars to fate
Worshiped gods I could not sate
With sacrifices of labor or love
Tumbled into quicksand while staring above
Wandered lost in the mire while chasing a dove
Gave up desire and found it again
In a look or a gesture or a transient grin
In a word or a deed or a moment of sin

I have held it in my hands
Sifted through the sands
Of time in unforgiving lands
Of listlessness and despair
To find the treasures hidden there
Where heartless beasts without care
Whispered words of failure to sap my will
Encouraged me to drink my fill
Of lethargy and let the stones be still

But I could not be still

I saw a shape
The outline was plain
A silhouette, but
What did it contain?
I saw a movement
Felt it reflected within
Suggestions and shadows
But the mirror stayed dim
I saw a ladder
A pathway of tears
And I could not be still
So I chased down my fears

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The Moment Before Impact

The violent velocity of lust eclipses our languishing love.


On top of Old Smokey
By subtle degrees
She stole my edam
And left it to freeze
Back in the factory
A government mule
Gobbles his cheddar
While perched on a stool
If you are hungry
Bent on your goal
Some mozzarella
Is good for the soul
But if you are happy
Or caught in a sneeze
Maybe try sharing
A bite of that cheese

An entertaining little bit of nonsense rhyme for

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on the boardwalk

on the boardwalk she strikes
flinty eyes to stony face and
sparks a feeble smile quickly
snuffed out in the chilly wind
nearby gulls like the rustling
crowd are circling as the sea
swallows one rose petal after
another until the only thing i
have left to discard is the soft
memory of her body pressed
against mine one final time in
this unexpected last goodbye

inspired by

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A Serious Thing

Love is a serious
A serious thing
Seriously, it’s serious
A serious thing
Love is a furious
A furious wind
It picks us up
Puts us down in a spin
Love is a curious
A curious pain
Seriously, it curious
This furious pain
Love is delirious
Imperious, insane
Seriously, it’s curious
How this furiously tame
Imperiously delirious
Curiously insane
Serious love
Gets into our brains
What a pain

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A Pleasant Breeze

The wind picked up half the town
Twisted it and put it down
I’m standing where my window was
Thinking I could leave it all behind me
The breeze is cool and pleasant now
At this moment it reminds me
Walls will only stand so long to keep the world at bay
Perhaps I should be grateful the wind took my walls away

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Underneath The Mountain

In a land where the shadows creep
‘Neath the hem of the mountain’s sweep
There is snow and ash for miles
Hidden in the mountain’s skirts
In secret pockets ‘neath the dirt
There are things with toothy smiles
A chosen few ride in the dark
Bearing with them songs and sparks
Their voices carry far
Hoping to push back the gloom
They gladly ride unto their doom
Never wishing on a star
For there shine no stars
Where those brave men are
Underneath the mountain

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