New Shoes

It is a two-headed beast
With seventy-six eyes
Though presently
Nine are blind
It is a four-legged thing
With wandering feets
And four hands to rattle
Every door that it meets
It has fifty-two keys
Hear it jingle and sneeze
Its footsteps will echo
For it is never at ease
It has fifty-two keys
Hear it jangle and pace
While throwing its voice
All over the place
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  1. That was a most enjoyable poem. Loved it.

    • Cheers! I’ve heard all sorts of guesses as to what the heck I might be talking about, but it’s more fun if I don’t tell! :D

  2. It’s like a song!

    I hold myself in the doorway

  3. truly tappin like a song. well done!

    The Key Fits My Story

  4. … and it has great rhythm

  5. I am sure it is the night janitor at my old grade school. perfect description

  6. Nicely done. Definitely intriguing. :-)


  7. The wind?

  8. Don’t have a clue what it is but it makes me happy :)

  9. That was creative and so true.

  10. Very nice! I believe you are talking about love. There are so many facets of love, some two-headed beasts in nature, with many eyes, hands, and feet, some guided in blindness. VERY NICE!!

    • Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! :) :)

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