Poet’s Lament

Here’s a poem I wrote about trying to write poetry… I’m sure anyone who has ever attempted to write anything can relate; writer’s block is a universal curse of those desiring to be creative, I think.

Poet’s Lament
Lost my mind in a wagon rut
Fell into a swoon
Got the curse of wanderers
From howling at the moon
Storms are gathering up above
While the grumbling thunder rolls
Gulls are crying on the wing
But the lightning never falls


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  1. Oh wow. That’s really good. :) Going through writer’s block right now. Don’t know how i got to your blog, but glad i dropped by. :)

  2. it doesn’t read much like writer’s block to me…
    it looks like you’re on a roll…

    • I remember spending most of the day trying to write something, anything… after a while, when I realized I had writer’s block, I thought, why not write about that? At least it’s a subject! :)

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