Bits And Pieces Of Me

Hi.  I’m in an odd mood, tonight.  I’m digging through the archives and pulling little bits and pieces out of old poems I’ve written over the last 10 years and throwing them down here in a jumbled heap.  It might just make a mess… or it might show you emotional snapshots of me at various points in my recent life.
Enjoy, and as always, I welcome and encourage your comments.  I derive a great deal of pleasure from sharing my words with friendly, intelligent people, and hearing their words in return.  My hope is to move you to feel something, anything, unlock some secret cavern within you that perhaps you’ve never explored.  Or maybe help you revisit old, familiar places now layered in dust…
Whatever the case may be, I hope the experience is uplifting.

“Angel, pull some strings.
Help me get some wings.
These mechanical things,
Won’t lift my heavy heart.”

“Robot, don’t be sad.
The outcome’s not so bad.
Through all the fun we’ve had,
You never fell apart.”

In deep blue distance great whales sing
The praying mantis’s
Subsonic canvases
Hold lurking tusk and golden wing

Battery Head said her heart is an ocean
Embracing the world in a sea of devotion
Caressing all shores with waves of affection
When love is within it’s in every direction

She said, “I have a task,
One simple thing I ask:
While I adjust my hat,
Will you please lift the cat?”

The giants roared with laughter
That echoed from the rafters
And said, “Imagine that!
He cannot lift the cat!”

There in the cradling heap of moss
Ivy shares in old stones’ loss
And blankets one-time castle’s crown
With kiss of leaves as walls fall down

Origami is
So fragile and beautiful
The way we fold our lives
Into complicated shapes
Origami is
So tragic and laughable
The way we fold our lives
Into impossible shapes

And I cannot forget her
In the moonlight, planting seeds
I am fertile soil
For the brave new fireweed

White Dog on a rainbow
Kaleidoscopic skies
Raindrops like bright comets
Trailing vibrant dyes

Then she played the Queen of Hearts,
And he laid down the Knave,
And the Joker rolled his eyes and said,
“You’re too far gone to save.”

Vague and awake we sift through the fog
Into depths of abandon flood rivers or gods
A memory of something thump thump in our chests
Falls under the moss and in time we forget

“Time heals all wounds,” but that is a lie;
Some wounds remove the injured from time.

Like I said, just random bits and pieces.  Hope you’ve been entertained.  I am asleep on my feet.

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  1. Today i just wrote on Angels. Hopped in here to find your first entry referring to Angels too….loved that one.Enjoyed reading it all.

  2. You’re brilliant, just thought I’d say.
    The first and last made my day.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! Flattery will get you everywhere, I’m afraid. :)

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