No Mad Notion

This offering of rhythm and rhyme has been coming together in fits and starts over the last week… it can be a slow process, tweaking the flow to achieve a sort of hip-hop feel, and I still think it’s not quite right, but I thought I would post it here and open the floor to comments.  How does it flow to you?  The line towards the end about spawning salmon that’s chock-a-block with “s” sounds needs to be read at double-time, and it’s a bit of tongue twister, but I’ve repeated it to myself a few times while stomping out the beat and it seems to flow pretty good.  Does it work better in your head or when you read it out loud? 

Ha!  Here’s an idea: can you rap?  Record yourself busting off this little ditty and post a link.  That would entertain me to no end!  :)

I am
The flow-mad nomad
The itinerant ink imbiber
The sleepwalking scribbler
The somnambulant sonic scriber
I am
The word-wise wizard
The parapatetic pencil prior
The visionary vagabond
The verbose ghost and verbal vier
I am
The mystic mendicant
The truth teller and laughing liar
The listless letterer
The roadside preacher and his vagrant choir
I am
The periphrastic,
Grandiloquent, loquacious bastard
The thought transcriber
The phrase-releaser / chaser-after
With pen in hand
Shuffling through sand-shifting deserts
The promised land
Of purposeful poets will reward my efforts
It’s there
In the garden of the Great Describer
Winds whisper words and wishes wrapped in green plant fiber grow to fruition next to a scintillating field of dreams
And sentences splash like spawning salmon as they swim up sussurating syllabic streams and
You can wander
Lost in wonder
Through thoughts like waves of rolling thunder
Luscious landscapes –
A billion brightly blooming flowers
Blossoming ideas –
Picking new ones every hour
While brainstorms gathered by the Muses
Fall from the clouds to shower you as
Articulate ideas and noetic notions
Wide as prairie skies and deep as endless oceans
Make love to the beaches on the farthest shore
Of my mind’s eye paradise
Where poets rhyme forevermore

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