3 poems.

Feeling kinda random today.  This feeling has expressed itself in three (rather strange) short poems, one for each of the words offered today at www.threewordwednesday.wordpress.com
Hope you enjoy, and as always, your comments and constructive criticisms are gratefully welcomed.

* * *

Falling in love.
Drifting away.
It’s all the same.
Another miracle.
Another new day.

He me golden fishy
Him swimmy big glass tanky
No thinky very much
Him just swimmy til he sanky
Now him lay no swimmy
On the bottom of he tanky
How I miss me golden fishy
Me swimmy buddy Hanky

Her life was a circus
She rode a gasoline elephant
All scars on the surface
Yeah, the rest was irrelevant
Her hide was thick, you know
She had sandpaper curls
Never one of the boys
Never one of the girls
Her hide was thick, you know
She had crooked blue eyes
Never one of the gals
Never one of the guys
Her life was a circus
She rode a gasoline elephant
Through a ring of fire
And returned to the elements

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  1. Three very different but enjoyable styles here. I really liked the middle one.

  2. I feel second one as the toughest to write.
    And an altogether different way of writing is what stood out.
    Hanky am with you dear.


  3. Enjoyed all of them. Thanks a lot for linking my blog. :D

  4. I like the last one, it’s like a old-fashion story, similar to a fable

  5. New day …New miracle…Good ones. Had fun reading the Hanky.

  6. I like the second best.

  7. All superb. I love the first one… simple but very effective!


  8. Wow, that was so much fun! Thank you.

    I appreciated you stopping by to comment on the “calling in sick” post. I like the calling in well day…my daughter-in-law calls in and says she is taking a “mental health” day. I like that too. I have no idea what the school has to say about that…her husband is the assistant superintendent. Maybe that makes a difference. :) What I hate is the NEED to lie. Once in a while we just need a break.


    • I heartily agree! Personally, I think a 40 hour work week is cruelty to animals. We need to experience life from as many angles as possible, not waste half our waking hours doing the same thing over and over again for years on end!

  9. The middle one is a hoot!

    Poetry book: Magdalene and the Mermaids

  10. The last poem is really good..rightly put :)

  11. Very fun!

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