Aborted Thoughts

I can’t bust a flow off the top of my head,
But I can write a rhyme that’ll knock you dead.

It just takes a while for my thoughts to gestate;
When there’s a bun in the oven, I gotta let it bake.
By way of example, here is a sample of ample proportions:
Poems unspoken are like abortions.
If you close your mind (in essence wear a mental rubber)
You will never be a mental mother;
But if you engage in mental foreplay,
If you make love to knowledge,
I guarantee there will be a baby bouncing from your brain
(And before you know it he’ll be in college!).
To further expound upon my metaphor,
Consider the following lore:
Drugs and alcohol are birth control for your thoughts;
Take ’em enough and your mental uterus rots.
See, the womb in this rhyme is the one in your mind;
If you’re pregnant with a brainchild, you’ve got to be kind.
I’m all for pro-choice, but there is another option:
Put your brain-baby up for adoption.
Maybe someone more willing to care for the child,
Will take your newborn idea and let it run wild.
Just sayin’.

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  1. I like this one

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