I wake up at midnight, my jaw unhinged
Yawn wide enough to fit the whole world in
The center of me is a black hole, rumbling
Not yet fully aware, I find myself stumbling
Into the kitchen to rummage within
The cupboards collapse and go into a spin
Sucked down like liquid poured into a tube
Event horizon of teeth, shelves empty of food
I turn my attention to the silver fridge
It crosses the distance as if on a bridge
Rapidly vacuumed into my omnivorous maw
The house is consumed (neighbors cry out in awe)
I eat all that exists, in the blink of an eye
And still I am hungry, and still I must try
To feed the black hole, the grumbling void
Until I wake up in sweat, starving, annoyed


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  1. Good golly…are you my sister? This just made me laugh!


  2. gave me a chuckle LOL

  3. Great job. Sounds like you’re channeling my husband. Haha!

  4. ah, the midnight munchies! if i stay up long enough i start getting hungry

  5. That was funny. And the analogy of the black hole was great :-)

  6. Great, vivid poem. It made me hungry. hehe

  7. And now I am hungry…
    Well written.

  8. Thank you all for the comments! I sometimes curse my rapid metabolism… especially when it interrupts my sleep!

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