On top of Old Smokey
By subtle degrees
She stole my edam
And left it to freeze
Back in the factory
A government mule
Gobbles his cheddar
While perched on a stool
If you are hungry
Bent on your goal
Some mozzarella
Is good for the soul
But if you are happy
Or caught in a sneeze
Maybe try sharing
A bite of that cheese

An entertaining little bit of nonsense rhyme for

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  1. An important message. Eat cheese :-)
    Enjoyed that.

  2. yum! you know, did you mean for your poem to look like a chunk of cheese? ;) i want to take a bite off of it!

    • Well, I chose the color to make it resemble cheese… now that you mention it, it does kinda look like a big slice of cheese, doesn’t it? hahaha

  3. “mozzarella is good for the soul” – I’ll buy that!

  4. A great cheesy post!

    dad, will you walk one more time with me?

  5. cheesy post… my favorite kind!
    and YES Mozz is so good for the fat-ass soul! :))

  6. I sang it to the tune. FUN

    • haha, that’s awesome! I remember when I was a kid we used to make up lyrics for the Old Smokey song, whatever random stuff came to mind. It gets pretty strange sometimes…

  7. If you are happy ….try sharing a bite of cheese….ought to try that out :)Enjoyed reading, had to google out whats edam cheese…sure sounds very nutty now.

    • Mm… I love edam. And mozza… I think I may have to wander down to the store and buy some now…

  8. Okay…you made me laugh. The government mule perched on a stool just hit me as funny. At least you didn’t say donkey or elephant…that would have pushed me over the edge.


  9. Now I am really in the mood for some cheese. I love cheese… all different types.

  10. Perfect!

  11. this was cute :)

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