The Suddenness of Long Anticipated Events

It is impossible to describe this feeling inside.
I’ve tried and tried, but the correct words are hiding,
Biding their time like I’ve been biding my time –

And now the time has come;
She steps into the air.

I begin running.  Though I knew it was coming,
I feel so unprepared.  I feel so freaky scared.

She dares.
I must dare.

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Shining Through

Collecting little bits of you
Here and there, a piece or two
Collecting little bits of you
Your light is shining through

Yesterday I found your smile
I put it on, wore it a while
Yesterday when I found your smile
I gave it to a child

Today I found your laugh
It seemed to fit so I clapped my hands
Today when I found your laugh
I gave it to a man

Tomorrow I’ll find your happiness
I’ll keep a bit, I must confess
Tomorrow I’ll find your happiness
But I’ll give away the rest

Collecting little bits of you
Here and there, a piece or two
Collecting little bits of you
Your light is shining through

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Finding My Way

In a dark place all alone
I take a small step turn for home
And in this motion lose my way
I recognize it but it’s not the same
So I wander through the maze
Until I find a familiar face
And looking deeply in her eyes
I finally come to realize
Exactly how I went astray
Mistaking my home for a place

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O, What Shall I Name You?

Drifting on an ocean
On waves of emotion
I met a man upon the strand
Where the water meets the sand
He left the shore to be with me
Gave up his life in the deadly sea
Of love
Of love
In the deadly sea of love

To my shame, I didn’t ask
He gave no name, just did his task
Now I carry his unborn child
It will grow up fatherless, wild
In the empty sea
Of love
Of love
In the empty sea of love

O, what shall I name you, my unborn child
When from my womb you’re spilt?

O, what shall I name you, my unborn child?
I think I shall name you Guilt.

A Curious Adventure

Through the ring of mushrooms
Past the isolated grove
We waited on a mossy log
Til into view it hove
Twas unnerving big, to say the least
Twas brilliantly strange
The thing on the horizon, resting
As the light began to change
When the sun slipped from the sky
To paint the monster’s flank
Like a mountain, pink and white
We tipped our skins and drank
The synergy of alcohol
Inside our sinners’ hearts
Soon infused us with a bravery
Beyond our meager parts
And we rose upon our staggered hooves
To climb that walking cliff
Old Woadkin proffered a pouch of pepper
Said, “‘ere, Guv’, ‘ave a sniff.”
It braced my nerves, it made me sneeze
The others had a laugh
And getting on about midnight, we
Had crested the creature’s calf
There upon its knee, we stood
Feeling half insane
When it cracked an eye and looked at us
With immense godlike disdain
So great, in fact, that Murkle jumped
And tumbled down its shin
And ran off through the darkling wood
To his crooked shanty and his gin
Well, I would not be daunted
And I left ol’ Woad behind
And as the big feller watched
I gracelessly onward climbed
I scaled thigh, I clambered hip
I traversed its rocky gut
I laddered up its ribs like rungs
I was exhausted, but
I clung to craggy collarbone
I shrugged onto its shoulders
I grappled my way up to its jaw
And over warts like boulders
And when I reached its cavernous ear
I tumbled deep inside
And I began to build my home
Inside the giant’s mind
It’s drafty, and there’s lots of dust
But I can promise you
There’s lots of room for memories
And you just can’t beat the view

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Love Is

If love is a tower
We build foundations in our hearts
With this magical power
We are never far apart
If love is a playground
And lovers meant to play
Then let’s make up the rules
And play the game in our own way
Let’s tumble like a pair of dice
And always total up to two
I don’t care about winning
As long as I’m with you
Let’s climb snakes and slide down ladders
Let’s rush right from the start
There’s no such thing as cheating
If the rules are made up by our hearts
If love is a mountain
Let’s climb up to the top
If love is a journey
I never want to stop
If love is an animal
Let’s risk a closer look
If love is a library
Then you’re the perfect book
Because it’s always an adventure
No matter where we are
You got me feeling like a galaxy
Expanding full of stars
It’s always so amazing
When I spend my time with you
I want to feel this way forever
With so much loving left to do
If love is an elephant
Let’s go on safari
If love is a poison
You’re the antidote I need
If love is a mystery
Let’s search for hidden clues
I don’t care if we solve the riddle
As long as I have you
If love is a gentle slope
Rolling softly to the sea
You can be the ocean
And I will be the beach
Then no matter where we go
We’ll be side by side
Hand in hand forever
Like the land kissing the tide
If love is a comet
Circling the earth
Let’s build a telescope
To see it’s real worth
If love is a symphony
I want to learn to play
And you are the instrument
Oh, the music we will make
If love is a metaphor
You are the perfect phrase
The mantra in my heart
On which I meditate
If love can be anything
And love is always true
Then love is a miracle
And I think love is you

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You make me feel reckless, like I can do anything
Gone is the heartache, the emptiness opens like wings
Revealing this feeling, you make my heart sing
Now beautiful music replaces jangling strings
And all of life’s nonsense takes on brand new meaning
The ups and the downs, and everything in between
I want to be there with you, will you wear my ring?

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Island Fortress

All of my life
I’ve been an island shining a light
To guide the stray ships through storms to my side
They come and they go and on the loneliest nights
A whispered prayer like a bird taking flight
Leaps from my heart and I know that in time
You’ll sail to me

I am a fortress alone on the hill
You climb my walls while I stay very still
Afraid you’ll see me without my hard shell
But I must admit your courage and your skill
Disarm my defenses and with no conflict of will
I allow you to explore inside me until
I fall in love

I want you to know
All of my life I have been like a ghost
Walking through walls with no one to walk through my own
I was so certain until you came along
I’d walk forever and take my last breath alone
But you resurrect me – now all that is done
I’m coming home

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I found a blank page
Abandoned in the lab
At first I didn’t know
Exactly what I had
But I sat down to write
The words began to flow
And I was writing a poem
Before you even know
Now I’m nine lines into it, baby
And pretty soon, nine lines will turn to ten
Eleven turns to twelve, honey
And then to a dozen again
Yeah, before you know it
Twelve is twenty-four
All because I found
This blank page on the floor
Now I’m back on my feet
And I’m walking the beat
I got the urge to take it, baby
Yeah, out on the street
But it’s freezing out there
And the wind snaps your hair
And that’s why I’m wearing, mm
My looooong underwear
Cuz I’m twenty-five lines into it, baby
And pretty soon it’ll be twenty-five below
Said I’m twenty-seven lines into it, sugar
And I’d rather be in here with you than out in the snow


I walk the leaves
Of this jungle book
And my heart leaps
With every look
Beneath my feet
The stories pass
As pages turn
Like the hourglass
Time may change my shape
Time may change my hue
But I will try to make
My life fit to you
And as time goes by
Things will improve
And we will turn
A page or two
My heart is not fickle like the skin I’m in
Though I may change like the chameleon
I promise you my heart is true
And I will always be with you
I have to say, this card you’ve dealt
Trumps everything I’ve ever felt
Before or after
Tears or laughter
And I will always be with you

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