A Movement Of The Heavens

My brain
Is stars and charts
Planets and parts
It stops and starts
In a circular pattern
Like the rings around Saturn
And Saturn is my heart

My heart
Is comets and quasars
Light years and lasers
Sunbursts and tracers
A nebulous galaxy
As far as the eye can see
And the eye is my soul

My soul
Is a map into mystery
A pathway through history
It is writing a list for me
Of possible answers
To the questions like dancers
And the dance is my life

My life
Is stretched out ahead of me
Laid out behind me
Anchored in between
And it pivots on this
My comprehension of a kiss…
And the kiss?

The kiss simply is.

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  1. Pretty, as usual.
    I did one too. I vote that if one of us gets a book, we lend it to the other when we are done.

  2. This flows beautifully.

  3. I like how one stanza begins with the end of the one before it!

  4. Delighful and a joy to read

  5. Thank you all very much for the kind words! And an extra special thanks to Stephie for that first kiss… as confused as the aftermath was, it was sorta sweet. ;)

  6. This was simply, no, not simply, whatever – magnificent. I loved it – did I say I loved it? Awesome. I loved the flow from one verse to the next and It all tied together – mind, heart, soul. ahhh, loved it.

    • Thank you very much, Dee. Praise like this from such a talented writer humbles me! I’m glad everyone seems to be appreciating this piece, because it took a lot of work to perfect. It’s always a pleasure to know the effort paid off. :)

  7. I wish I could write poetry. I so admire works like this.

  8. Sublime. I like each step and especially the perfect final line.

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