Haunting Me

In the darkness
A razor whip
Flays whisps of truth
From memory’s bones
Like slithering silk
Circling a wrist
An out-flung arm
A black
Where the patter
Of drainpipe voices
in the distance
An echoed tongue
My skin prickles
I lay in tangled sheets
Buried alive
In nightmare fear

a stream of consciousness poem inspired by www.saturdayscribes.wordpress.com and http://www.sundayscribblings.blogspot.com


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  1. I like “the patter
    Of drainpipe voices”.
    Very effective use of the prompts!

  2. Thank heavens I woke up, I have been there before!
    I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you!

  3. boy do I have nightmares like this!! so tangled with fear that I can’t even open my eyes!
    great job!

  4. I particularly liked the ‘whips of truth’ description of nightmares. That is how they begin, a small truth that developes a life of its own in our subconcious.

  5. I can relate! I have had that panicked feeling in the dark many times… sometimes in the light as well. The bump I felt was always stuck in my heart begging to be released. Instead it was stuffed further down as I ignored my fears because I thought if I allowed them to rise it would become a reality.

  6. Like that nightmarish atmosphere!


  7. I love the description! My favorite was “Flays whisps of truth – From memory’s bones”. Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  8. “slithering silk” gave me goosebumps! Good and spooky!

  9. This sure sets the mood well for Halloween!

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