Connecting like lightning, twin energy panels
Soak in the synergy while the cable unravels
Plugged in on all five channels
A sixth signal in the air like static in flannels
Fresh from the dryer –
We’re about to catch fire –
Kindling pyrotechnics when we kicked over the candle
That was lit when we hit on this method of emotional travel
Leaping like sparks from wires, too hot to handle
Hear the energy crackle!
I don’t know where this dynamo’s electricity will go
But it has to ground somewhere if it continues to grow
And you and I might disintegrate or fuse in the glow
Either way would be an incredible system overload
This direct current with a positive charge
Flows straight to the batteries, impossibly large
Primed and ready, that we keep in our hearts
To generate the power for a brand new start
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