The Ferrous-Wheel

I might be pushing the definition of junk here, but I was reminded of this pseudo-sci-fi poem I wrote a while ago about a love affair between a man and an animatronic theme-park robot after the theme park has been left to fall into ruin.  Sadly, it is a love that ends in tragedy when she, too, begins to fall apart, but I thought it might be worth digging out of the junk bin and polishing up a bit for your reading enjoyment.  Thanks for visiting!

Down at the fun park upon the broken ferrous-wheel,
She kissed me with her rusty lips and offered me a deal:
“Disintegrate with me and we will scatter on the breeze.”
As she asked me for my answer her joints began to seize.
In the silence at the frozen zenith of the ferrous-wheel’s ascent,
I heard the tall brown grass below us sighing in lament.
I turned to her and took her hand as her paint began to peel.
I sadly shook my head and said, “I am not made of steel.”
She clenched her jaw and shut her eyes but still the black tears flowed,
A lonely silhouette on the ferrous-wheel when I looked back from the road.
Though it broke my heart I walked away in a rising cloud of dust –
I could not bear to watch time’s alchemy turn our love to rust.

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  1. I really enjoyed this piece. Very moving and I think you were quite mean to upset her, so speeding up the rusting process. Paradoxically you were the hard one yet she was soft. Full marks for the title too.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the juxtaposition of the all-too-human clockwork automaton vs. the inflexible, heartless human, not to mention the play on words in the title.
      Thank you for the perceptive comment!

  2. Yes Yes – everything Old Egg said – that was marvelous :)

  3. Ah, I enjoyed my ride on this ferrous wheel very much.Love the theme of rust accelerating.

  4. Oh, nothing “iron”ic about my comment. :)

    • lmao!
      your puncil certainly doesn’t need any sharpening! :)

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