A Curious Adventure

Through the ring of mushrooms
Past the isolated grove
We waited on a mossy log
Til into view it hove
Twas unnerving big, to say the least
Twas brilliantly strange
The thing on the horizon, resting
As the light began to change
When the sun slipped from the sky
To paint the monster’s flank
Like a mountain, pink and white
We tipped our skins and drank
The synergy of alcohol
Inside our sinners’ hearts
Soon infused us with a bravery
Beyond our meager parts
And we rose upon our staggered hooves
To climb that walking cliff
Old Woadkin proffered a pouch of pepper
Said, “‘ere, Guv’, ‘ave a sniff.”
It braced my nerves, it made me sneeze
The others had a laugh
And getting on about midnight, we
Had crested the creature’s calf
There upon its knee, we stood
Feeling half insane
When it cracked an eye and looked at us
With immense godlike disdain
So great, in fact, that Murkle jumped
And tumbled down its shin
And ran off through the darkling wood
To his crooked shanty and his gin
Well, I would not be daunted
And I left ol’ Woad behind
And as the big feller watched
I gracelessly onward climbed
I scaled thigh, I clambered hip
I traversed its rocky gut
I laddered up its ribs like rungs
I was exhausted, but
I clung to craggy collarbone
I shrugged onto its shoulders
I grappled my way up to its jaw
And over warts like boulders
And when I reached its cavernous ear
I tumbled deep inside
And I began to build my home
Inside the giant’s mind
It’s drafty, and there’s lots of dust
But I can promise you
There’s lots of room for memories
And you just can’t beat the view

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  1. Unusual indeed. Also delightful, fanciful, and rib-ticklingly clever.

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