Apparently my errant queen
Is working murky sorcery
I hanker for her as she deftly weaves
A clever net of charms o’er me
I hope she never sets me free
From love’s sweet captivity



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Don’t Bank On It

Loneliness shines with a withering ray
Rapidly aging me until I obey
Now I must work twice as hard as I play
Or suffer karma’s balance at the end of the day

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Fever Dream.

This morning as I broke brown eggs to break my fast
White flecks of shell cut into the palm of my hand.
My red blood sizzled black as it hit the pan,
Reminding me of you:
Incubating death;
Taking poison to save your life.
I looked out the window –
A rabid dog was grooming itself on the front lawn,
Gnawing at its private parts
Even as it was foaming at the mouth;
The bizarre vanity of the doomed.
I blink and the image is gone.
Only a nightmare.
Just another nightmare
Under the bright yellow sun.

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