Some random things I wrote today while sitting in the coffee shop, in no particular order, with little in the way of editing.  Hope you enjoy!

Pillar of fire
Connects land to sky
Spreads to become a curtain
Astral wind
Billows through the gap
Truth becomes uncertain
The fold in reality parts
A prow of new earth
Birth of a continent starts
Blue vault of sunlight
Sand on a psychic wind
Scrape across the mind
Pain of renewal begins

Whales from outer space
Assault my senses with sound –
Sonic bombardment

Butterflies tumble
Like flower petals, or snow
On the traffic breeze

In fountaining streams
The children splash and give chase –
Mist beads on red bricks

Sometimes the sun shines so brightly
Sitting by these great bay windows
Looking outside
Makes everything in here

Matted dreds
Tangle in his beard.
His hands shake as
He counts my change.
Slowly, yes, but also

The heat radiating from the pavement warms me so pleasantly I forget my sadness over the slow expansion of this hungry city.

Cities are man-made amoebas.

her hips swing like
a pendulum
time for her
hourglass figure

Counting seconds on her skin
I fail to notice the hours
Sliding by as I slide within
This hungry love devours
And we melt into potential
Unbound feeling without form
Intense as it is torrential
Endless as it is calm
Woman, put your hands on me
And help me shape our love
I will put my hands on you
And help you shape our love


2 haiku

Light falling through blood ~
The kitchen window is cracked
Where the
bird struck it


Amber’s bamboo chimes ~
Sporadic rhymes without words
Spoken by the wind

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