Apparently my errant queen
Is working murky sorcery
I hanker for her as she deftly weaves
A clever net of charms o’er me
I hope she never sets me free
From love’s sweet captivity



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Don’t Bank On It

Loneliness shines with a withering ray
Rapidly aging me until I obey
Now I must work twice as hard as I play
Or suffer karma’s balance at the end of the day

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Fever Dream.

This morning as I broke brown eggs to break my fast
White flecks of shell cut into the palm of my hand.
My red blood sizzled black as it hit the pan,
Reminding me of you:
Incubating death;
Taking poison to save your life.
I looked out the window –
A rabid dog was grooming itself on the front lawn,
Gnawing at its private parts
Even as it was foaming at the mouth;
The bizarre vanity of the doomed.
I blink and the image is gone.
Only a nightmare.
Just another nightmare
Under the bright yellow sun.

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You make me feel reckless, like I can do anything
Gone is the heartache, the emptiness opens like wings
Revealing this feeling, you make my heart sing
Now beautiful music replaces jangling strings
And all of life’s nonsense takes on brand new meaning
The ups and the downs, and everything in between
I want to be there with you, will you wear my ring?

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Cause a sensation
Frustration and dismay
False proclamation
Sweeping the nation
Stars in light of day
Shining like highbeams
On these indecent dreams
Like deer we stop and stare
So casually handling
Without understanding
The lives of those stripped bare

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Bury me in the hallow hole
Place me gently in it
Beckon me down the fallow row
Death is not the limit

Marry me in the barren temple
Haunted by lost seeds
Wary of the past’s example
She can’t admit her need

Dive into the depths of sorrow
Strike a hopeful spark
Love will guide us to tomorrow
Like a candle in the dark
With your eyes
Weep for those
Strip away
Your fierce disguise
Bear our children
In heart and mind

Though forever
They exist
And they shine

Inspired by,
life, love, and loss.

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Our ambition,
To higher strive,
Kept us alive
Through ugly times.
Our condition,
Made indelible
Marks on our minds.

Inspired by

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The Moment Before Impact

The violent velocity of lust eclipses our languishing love.

3 poems.

Feeling kinda random today.  This feeling has expressed itself in three (rather strange) short poems, one for each of the words offered today at
Hope you enjoy, and as always, your comments and constructive criticisms are gratefully welcomed.

* * *

Falling in love.
Drifting away.
It’s all the same.
Another miracle.
Another new day.

He me golden fishy
Him swimmy big glass tanky
No thinky very much
Him just swimmy til he sanky
Now him lay no swimmy
On the bottom of he tanky
How I miss me golden fishy
Me swimmy buddy Hanky

Her life was a circus
She rode a gasoline elephant
All scars on the surface
Yeah, the rest was irrelevant
Her hide was thick, you know
She had sandpaper curls
Never one of the boys
Never one of the girls
Her hide was thick, you know
She had crooked blue eyes
Never one of the gals
Never one of the guys
Her life was a circus
She rode a gasoline elephant
Through a ring of fire
And returned to the elements

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The midnight sky is mirrored on the blacktop by scattered shards of glass
Like spilled diamonds on dark velvet winking random patterns as I pass
A meaningless scrawl of truncated life mixes with tire tracks and mud
The alphabet of accidents is painted in sacrificial blood
Letters of death penned with tangled flesh form sentences of grief and loss
Line by line the highways scribe an end to stories at terrible cost
At turn-pikes and off-ramps the roads spasm into complex snarling knots
And no matter which route I take I cannot drive far enough to stop
The mayhem of the motorways or the transportation of my soul
From here to there and back again under the illusion of control
When the weapons are cocked and loaded we point the weapons at our homes
So casually we flirt with death, so casually we atone
Our lives are just the risk we take when we rush to get where we`re going
The ambulance will find us by the roadside, disarmed and so alone
Unable to
In anything but sorrow
Unable to imagine
The dawning of tomorrow
Without you

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