untitled (for now)

Her path is brown apples, soft mud and loam.

She looks nowhere else, steps daintily home.

Above, only one fruit remains,

A brutal burden on a branch that strains.

Overripe, decayed,

Skin split and leaking –

Putrescent –

Do you know of that which I’m speaking?

The soft brown curls whereupon I sit

Are lifted by a gust.

If there is a moment, this is it,

When swiftly to prayer I must.

Oh, sweet lady, pull me low –

Let me shade thine eyes!

There are things one should not know –

Don’t look toward the skies!

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Head in the lion’s mouth
Try to set aside my doubts
Keep the beast at peace
Blunt those hungry teeth
But it’s gnawing at my guts
And it hollows out this love
When nothing fills my days
It drives me slowly crazy

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Crawling on my hands and knees,
Wondering where you are,
There’s a universe alive within,
But I’m just shedding stars,
Cuz when the emptiness is limitless,
You can never go too far;
I am galaxies, not boundaries,
AndĀ I’m gonna break the jar…

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Wandering Lost

A metaphor stands before a wooden door,
Worn smooth from many a knocking knuckle,
And sadly turns away.
A metaphor in the tavern roar,
A metaphor in the fray.
A metaphor in the penny whore,
Who turns her eyes away.
A metaphor sits upon the floor and wonders if there’s more,
Than sawdust soaking up spilled ale and blood,
But the mess is swept away.

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Shadows In The Garden

Here I stand with head in hands where once love’s fountain danced
Caught within an arid drought the fountain soon collapsed
Lust and heat, our time complete, so comes the dust
Less or more, I am too poor to pay the cost

Her letter crumpled, torn apart
My reply as yet unwritten
The bitter snake coiled in my heart
Is it her or me who’s bitten?

It is a scab I must pick at, old agony
A dedicated friend who reminds me just to breathe
Two forlorn and weather worn gargoyles still stare across
A courtyard full of dying dreams now washed by rains of loss

Her letter torn and stained with tears
This is all that I have written
The years have multiplied my fears
I know now who was bitten

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The Ocean Of Time

Floating winter cloud
Cream on golden honey
I sip the red sky and wait
For the ruby sting of fire
Smoke angels sing
Black crackling chorus
I am a stony ship and sink
Into a silent twilight field

There is a rippling mirror
Shattered by the wind
Deflecting diving starsĀ above
From the empty deeps within

There is a sleeping idol
Tarnished bronze on silver sand
Who dreams the blanket waves away
To stand in the sun again

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Call Me Paranoid, But I’d Rather Trip Than Risk It…


I’ve Heard It’s Good Luck

I’ve heard the birds are herding our words
Hoarding our nouns and hiding our verbs
Amassing an arsenal of arguments
In nests throughout the ‘burbs
To pepper us with platitudes
And bombard us with blurbs
Call it pigeon propaganda
(So said the little bird)
So I’m cautious of the crow
I see cawing on the curb
And I’m wary of the wren
As he’s easy to disturb
For avian avengers
Are hiding in the herbs
And today’s topiary twitters
Tomorrow may be turds

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Horribly Cute

Two stray puppies playing
Indian dust and heat
Two joyful hearts uplifted
Two puppies in the street
Two smiles crack and falter
The horror is complete
Only one puppy is playing
The other is merely meat

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Underneath dry brown earth,
Mighty and deep-rooted,
Exists a well of rumbling mirth,
Subterranean and muted, until
His laughter breaks the surface.

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Brave New World

Exploring undiscovered country
These hills and vales I claim for me
And if there is hidden treasure in secret caves below
I will plumb the depths until the earth quakes where I go

Stake my claim and
Plow the land
Sow my seeds and
Raise my hands

They told me this was barren soil
But I will change that with my toil
Irrigate the fertile pastures
Raise my crops in love and laughter

Raise my hands and
Pray for growth
This land’s harvest
Is one of hope

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