Crawling on my hands and knees,
Wondering where you are,
There’s a universe alive within,
But I’m just shedding stars,
Cuz when the emptiness is limitless,
You can never go too far;
I am galaxies, not boundaries,
And I’m gonna break the jar…

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The latest offering over at weekend wordsmith is the word “pallid.”  Combined with the photo posted there, it really evoked some powerful, gut-wrenching memories for me.  The word “pallid” doesn’t get used here, but it forms the underlying imagery, the words “pale” and “white” taking its place.  I apologize if the colorful formatting makes this piece difficult to read, but this is how I pictured it in my head… If I knew a way to give the poem a black background, I would.
Ghost flesh, razor blade
Red script on a white page
Pale face
, crimson scrawl
Hand print on a white wall
Nose bleed, empty eyes
Sunset in a pale sky
, spreading thin
Question in her white skin
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The midnight sky is mirrored on the blacktop by scattered shards of glass
Like spilled diamonds on dark velvet winking random patterns as I pass
A meaningless scrawl of truncated life mixes with tire tracks and mud
The alphabet of accidents is painted in sacrificial blood
Letters of death penned with tangled flesh form sentences of grief and loss
Line by line the highways scribe an end to stories at terrible cost
At turn-pikes and off-ramps the roads spasm into complex snarling knots
And no matter which route I take I cannot drive far enough to stop
The mayhem of the motorways or the transportation of my soul
From here to there and back again under the illusion of control
When the weapons are cocked and loaded we point the weapons at our homes
So casually we flirt with death, so casually we atone
Our lives are just the risk we take when we rush to get where we`re going
The ambulance will find us by the roadside, disarmed and so alone
Unable to
In anything but sorrow
Unable to imagine
The dawning of tomorrow
Without you

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Hush, Now, Don’t Cry

There’s a mission to Mars
Made by mindless machines
Zeros and ones
Strung on binary strings
There’s a time and a place
Whatever that means
The time is always now
This place just a dream
There’s a girl in the lineup
At the Dairy Queen
Hoping her boyfriend
Will buy her a treat
There’s a look on his face
Like he’d rather be
Anywhere else
And maybe that’s me
There’s a lost, lonely highway
Cracked by frost heave
Wandering nowhere
Through broken country
There’s a book of wise words
On the desk in the study
But you can’t believe
Everything you read
There’s a trail in the mud
Under the golden leaves
The same sort of footprints
An angel might leave
There’s a dog at the window
Panting into the breeze
The driver is laughing
While his passengers tease
There’s a rush of adrenaline
As we move through the trees
With a smile on her face
She defies gravity
There’s a silent acceptance
As want gives way to need
Like the moment we realize
When skin splits and bleeds
There’s the whisper of water
And a soothing fall breeze
A time and a place
Of resting for me
There’s a little girl looking
I wonder, ‘What does she see?”
If I could have one thing
I hope she grows up to be

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Born Dead

Newborn infant
Hacked and torn
Reckless instant
Now forlorn
Empty womb
Null gestation
Born too soon
Child inside
Crying monster
Inside out
No one wants her
Full of doubt
Full of regret
Full of pain
Try to forget
Love again
Nothing happens
Never does
She just laughs and
Is what was

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One Small Thing

Digging into the archives today.  Been out of town.  Not a lot of writing getting done.  Hope you enjoy!

One Small Thing

Little elf
Hit her head on the shelf
Went out of her mind and discovered herself
Little cat
Sleek and black
Went out the window and never came back
Little doubts
Like roots on our routes
Sometimes distract us from figuring it out
Little things
With angel’s wings
Sometimes stay near us when the telephone rings
To bring us bad news
When it’s all we can do
To stare at the ceiling and let the grief through
Little words
Like flocks of birds
Can remind us of beauty when nothing else works
Little joys
Like a child with new toys
Are so much more poignant when a joy is destroyed

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Setting Sun

Colors slung beneath the sky
Hazy hues in wrinkled eyes
He spreads the crimson wash around
From sea to sea and cloud to ground
White clouds slowly turning pink
But no one asks me what I think
Of the purple or the lavendar
They mark the days on calendars
And shake their heads
While I lay in bed
Gold with the cold is creeping in
Behind the mountains it begins
Before too long it’s everywhere
And I don’t have a single care
But witnessing
Seeing what the night may bring
As diamonds scatter ‘cross the cloth
Lights come on and call to moths
White slices in the fabric heal
Almost as fast as they appear
And for a moment, lost in time
The whole horizon becomes mine
I`m filled with light and shooting stars
I`m taken up into His arms

Am I the only one
To see the setting sun?
Am I the only one?
My spirit come undone
Am I the only one?
Am I the sun?
Disappear forever
Never rise again
To warm this earth
That’s okay
For what it’s worth
Laying here I don’t feel alone
Though cold is creeping in my bones
I slowly drift away from you
My time is up
My time is through
I’ve been in this world for too long
Now night unfurls, the sun is gone
My eyelids settle like the dusk
Gather round
My song is done

Am I the only one
To see the setting sun?
Am I the only one?
My spirit comes undone
Am I the sun?
Never rise again

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