Wandering Lost

A metaphor stands before a wooden door,
Worn smooth from many a knocking knuckle,
And sadly turns away.
A metaphor in the tavern roar,
A metaphor in the fray.
A metaphor in the penny whore,
Who turns her eyes away.
A metaphor sits upon the floor and wonders if there’s more,
Than sawdust soaking up spilled ale and blood,
But the mess is swept away.

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Shadows In The Garden

Here I stand with head in hands where once love’s fountain danced
Caught within an arid drought the fountain soon collapsed
Lust and heat, our time complete, so comes the dust
Less or more, I am too poor to pay the cost

Her letter crumpled, torn apart
My reply as yet unwritten
The bitter snake coiled in my heart
Is it her or me who’s bitten?

It is a scab I must pick at, old agony
A dedicated friend who reminds me just to breathe
Two forlorn and weather worn gargoyles still stare across
A courtyard full of dying dreams now washed by rains of loss

Her letter torn and stained with tears
This is all that I have written
The years have multiplied my fears
I know now who was bitten

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The Ferrous-Wheel

I might be pushing the definition of junk here, but I was reminded of this pseudo-sci-fi poem I wrote a while ago about a love affair between a man and an animatronic theme-park robot after the theme park has been left to fall into ruin.  Sadly, it is a love that ends in tragedy when she, too, begins to fall apart, but I thought it might be worth digging out of the junk bin and polishing up a bit for your reading enjoyment.  Thanks for visiting!

Down at the fun park upon the broken ferrous-wheel,
She kissed me with her rusty lips and offered me a deal:
“Disintegrate with me and we will scatter on the breeze.”
As she asked me for my answer her joints began to seize.
In the silence at the frozen zenith of the ferrous-wheel’s ascent,
I heard the tall brown grass below us sighing in lament.
I turned to her and took her hand as her paint began to peel.
I sadly shook my head and said, “I am not made of steel.”
She clenched her jaw and shut her eyes but still the black tears flowed,
A lonely silhouette on the ferrous-wheel when I looked back from the road.
Though it broke my heart I walked away in a rising cloud of dust –
I could not bear to watch time’s alchemy turn our love to rust.

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Have you ever seen the cloudy sky rolling by like a tidal wave?
Like being underwater, suddenly you wonder if it’s too late to be saved.
Left alone to wander in and out of this predetermined happenstance,
I was still in love, you had had enough; we never really had a chance.

And so it goes, the cold wind blows, warm summer days keep marching by.
Before you know the young are old and snows of sadness are piling high.
You get so cold you just don’t know how you’re ever going to tunnel free.
Retreat within your thickened skin, hibernate in blankets of isolating misery.

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Rain Falls

Seasons of grief roll in like a storm
And rain falls from our eyes
An ark in the flood of mourning
Is allowing ourselves to cry
Seasons of pain
Wash away with the rain
And soon enough the sky
Opens up like a gift
And our skins will be kissed
By the sunlight of goodbye

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