Shadows In The Garden

Here I stand with head in hands where once love’s fountain danced
Caught within an arid drought the fountain soon collapsed
Lust and heat, our time complete, so comes the dust
Less or more, I am too poor to pay the cost

Her letter crumpled, torn apart
My reply as yet unwritten
The bitter snake coiled in my heart
Is it her or me who’s bitten?

It is a scab I must pick at, old agony
A dedicated friend who reminds me just to breathe
Two forlorn and weather worn gargoyles still stare across
A courtyard full of dying dreams now washed by rains of loss

Her letter torn and stained with tears
This is all that I have written
The years have multiplied my fears
I know now who was bitten

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In The Whistling Grass

Pampus shivers in the wind
Like a herd beast in the snow
Tall grove of slashing grass
Left alone to grow

And childhood memories
Come creeping back to me
Countless little injuries
From playing hide and seek
Beneath the rustling feathers
Of Mother Nature’s javelins
Thick stalks give way to jackknife blades
And we go hunting elephants

And if my memory
Serves me correctly
We always caught
At least two or three
And we stayed up late
To roast the meat
Beneath shining stars
On a backyard safari

And in the whistling grass
We whistle as we go, and
In the whistling grass
We whistle as we go, and
In the whistling grass
We whistle as we go, and…

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