Wandering Lost

A metaphor stands before a wooden door,
Worn smooth from many a knocking knuckle,
And sadly turns away.
A metaphor in the tavern roar,
A metaphor in the fray.
A metaphor in the penny whore,
Who turns her eyes away.
A metaphor sits upon the floor and wonders if there’s more,
Than sawdust soaking up spilled ale and blood,
But the mess is swept away.

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Love Is

If love is a tower
We build foundations in our hearts
With this magical power
We are never far apart
If love is a playground
And lovers meant to play
Then let’s make up the rules
And play the game in our own way
Let’s tumble like a pair of dice
And always total up to two
I don’t care about winning
As long as I’m with you
Let’s climb snakes and slide down ladders
Let’s rush right from the start
There’s no such thing as cheating
If the rules are made up by our hearts
If love is a mountain
Let’s climb up to the top
If love is a journey
I never want to stop
If love is an animal
Let’s risk a closer look
If love is a library
Then you’re the perfect book
Because it’s always an adventure
No matter where we are
You got me feeling like a galaxy
Expanding full of stars
It’s always so amazing
When I spend my time with you
I want to feel this way forever
With so much loving left to do
If love is an elephant
Let’s go on safari
If love is a poison
You’re the antidote I need
If love is a mystery
Let’s search for hidden clues
I don’t care if we solve the riddle
As long as I have you
If love is a gentle slope
Rolling softly to the sea
You can be the ocean
And I will be the beach
Then no matter where we go
We’ll be side by side
Hand in hand forever
Like the land kissing the tide
If love is a comet
Circling the earth
Let’s build a telescope
To see it’s real worth
If love is a symphony
I want to learn to play
And you are the instrument
Oh, the music we will make
If love is a metaphor
You are the perfect phrase
The mantra in my heart
On which I meditate
If love can be anything
And love is always true
Then love is a miracle
And I think love is you

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