Crawling on my hands and knees,
Wondering where you are,
There’s a universe alive within,
But I’m just shedding stars,
Cuz when the emptiness is limitless,
You can never go too far;
I am galaxies, not boundaries,
And I’m gonna break the jar…

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All I Ever Desired

There’s a light in the sky
I avoid sleeping without understanding why
When the moon’s full I cry
It has been such a long time since I said goodbye

Howling over this corpse
Clutching the rod in my hand I attempt to force
My mind into the horse
I have beaten it dead knowing full well it’s yours

Still I feel incomplete
This persistent vision refuses to retreat
It is guiding my feet
Towards self destruction, why must I walk this street?

I have done nothing wrong
I have made every effort to become strong
But this path is so long
I paused to rest and fell down, I can’t carry on

My love, promise you’re near
I’m sinking into the ground to be gnawed by fear
There is so much pain here
A feast for my demons to last a thousand years

Every torturous bite
Loosens a piece of the wall I have built so high
There’s a flood to the sky
Waiting to drown me the moment my vigil dies

Moon reflects in the lake
I don’t know how much more of this grief I can take
When the dam finally breaks
I’m afraid my entire life will be washed away

I become slowly mired
A moment of rest is all I ever desired
I am always so tired
A moment of rest is all I ever desired

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The latest offering over at weekend wordsmith is the word “pallid.”  Combined with the photo posted there, it really evoked some powerful, gut-wrenching memories for me.  The word “pallid” doesn’t get used here, but it forms the underlying imagery, the words “pale” and “white” taking its place.  I apologize if the colorful formatting makes this piece difficult to read, but this is how I pictured it in my head… If I knew a way to give the poem a black background, I would.
Ghost flesh, razor blade
Red script on a white page
Pale face
, crimson scrawl
Hand print on a white wall
Nose bleed, empty eyes
Sunset in a pale sky
, spreading thin
Question in her white skin
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